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I is for Interested

During this time of isolation and lock-down, I'm still trying to stay productive and focused on my acting career. This blog, and participating in the A-Z Blogging Challenge, is an example of that.

And even though we can’t work on our craft in traditional ways, there are still multitudes of opportunities to stay connected with the acting industry, especially if you’re active on social media and have supportive friends who help you stay on track, keep you accountable, and fill you in on what you miss.

Casting Directors are issuing monologue challenges and hosting open casting calls. Acting studios are offering free online classes and webinars. There are days I may participate in three back-to-back zoom meetings with teachers I used to only dream of studying with. Frankly, there are so many opportunities it’s hard to prioritize, and even harder to keep up.

A friend texted me today with a nugget he picked up from one of the webinars I missed, and it’s worth passing on; it’s from Mark Fincannon, award winning Casting Director and all-around great guy. I’m not sure this quote is original to Mark but it doesn’t matter, it’s one to remember:

It’s better to be interested than interesting.

Mic drop!

It’s a lofty goal, much harder than it may seem, and I’m taking it to heart as I grow as an actor.

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3 commentaires

11 avr. 2020

Free online classes? That is cool!


10 avr. 2020

These posts get more informative and INTERESTING every day, Langley. We are all learning from this. And I am so grateful for the support we have in our acting community!


10 avr. 2020

Interesting! :)

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