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G is for Goals

I have an acting coach who is big on goal setting. And not just goal setting, but establishing clear and specific action steps to achieve those goals. Maybe you’ve heard this saying, which is one of his favorites: “a goal without a plan is just a wish.” There’s a lot of truth in that, right?

We hear a lot about goals in traditional work settings but acting professionally is a business and you are the product. If you’re just starting out or you feel like you’ve hit a lull in your momentum, take a page out of my coach’s book and set some goals. Figure out the steps you must take to get there and make a plan. Don’t just wish for it, go get it.

And now, because I feel like it, a haiku:

Actors must have goals

Otherwise how can you know

Where you are going

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I guess I have a lot of wishes then. ;-)



I know that coach! He suggests you write it down and carry it in your pocket at all times! I think I met you in his class!!!

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