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F is for Fame

Cheesy alert, but I wouldn’t be true to my younger aspiring-actor self if I didn’t mention this somewhere in the Blogging A-Z challenge. Fame.

No, not fame as in 'fame and fortune.' Fame as in the TV show (adapted from the movie) that fueled my burning passion for all things theatrical. I wouldn’t miss an episode, and those were the days when you had to plan around network scheduling. I’d be right there, sitting in front of the television every Sunday night with my cassette player and fresh tape in hand. I would record the songs so I could sing them all week. I'm sure my parents were thrilled.

Thinking about those times makes me happy. The music, the dance numbers, the teenage angst, the desire for success, it was all right there on the television and I soaked up every second. Those kids were living the life I wanted, the life of my childhood fantasies. And Debbie Allen! Are you kidding me? She’s won three Emmy Awards (been nominated 20 times) and a Golden Globe. She’s been nominated for two Tony Awards. Her achievements are too numerous to mention here, and I always wanted to be a triple threat like her.

So yeah, F is for Fame.

Did any of you watch Fame? What were some of your favorite childhood television shows?

🎵 But I still believe in all of my dreams And all that I can be I’ll learn from mistakes, do all that it takes

To make it eventually 🎵

~ I Still Believe in Me

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