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B is for Broadway

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

As a kid, my original plan was to be on Broadway. Forget film and television, I wanted to be a “real” actor. Oh, the naiveté. But that was my mindset and nothing could sway me. Or so I thought.

A regional theater competition afforded me the opportunity to go to New York City with other young actors. We saw half dozen Broadway shows and, once the audience left, got to go down to the front of the theater and have a “talk back” with the cast members. A few times we were even invited to go backstage. I was in my element. What could possibly be better? It truly was the chance of a lifetime for a young theater nerd.

Once I got home, I hung every cheap comedy and tragedy mask I could find all over my bedroom walls. I wanted to be surrounded by it, engulfed by it. My passion burned bright.

Many things have changed between then and now, and since I have to run through the whole alphabet for this A to Z challenge, it’s probably wise for me to save some stories for later. Did I ever make it to Broadway? Let's save that for another time.

Thanks for reading.

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