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Doors Close, Doors Open

As you may know, I'm an animal lover. As a side-hustle, I've written content for a pet food company for 11 years, primarily for use on their blog. The company has decided to drop the blog from their balance sheet and let the writers go. I'm glad. As my schedule has gotten more complicated (yay for bookings!), my interest in that pet food blog has waned. This closing is a good and proper next step.

Here's the rub, I love storytelling in all its forms. Losing that dedicated outlet for writing leaves a hole in my need to create.

Today in yoga class, inspiration struck. Why not start blogging about my acting journey?

I've shied away from this type of thing in the past because I'm certainly no expert on the subject. But today I began to understand that expert-level is not a requirement for this. I am an actor. I do get paid to act. I am also a dedicated acting student and I've studied with plenty of people who are experts. So here I am. Opening a new door.

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Feb 17, 2020

Good for you! I'm excited to follow more of your journey.


Feb 12, 2020

I applaud you for taking the leap to journal and share your thoughts in word, pictures and film . The best thing about our acting community is sharing - and everyone has a different strength and weakness. But we love learning, keeping creative collaboration alive. I'm glad you opened the door!

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