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A is for Actor

How easy was that? In an effort to reinvigorate my commitment to blogging, I joined a Blogging A to Z challenge. It starts today. I’m sure it won’t be this easy to come up with topics moving forward, but today was a breeze.

So, A is for Actor. It’s interesting to tell people you are an actor. First off, it’s a hard thing to say. Are there any unwritten criteria you have to meet before you can claim that title? Apparently society thinks so. When you say you are an actor, the follow up question is most often: “what have I seen you in?” That can be a tough thing to answer because you may feel like you’re not legit if you say nothing. There are times you can almost see dismissal on a person’s face when you answer in the negative. To avoid that, some people shy away from saying they are an actor. They just don’t want to have to explain themselves.

But think about it, do you ask a plumber if you’ve seen any of his newly installed pipes?

The business of being an actor is complex and there is so much more to it than what you see on television, in films, or on stage. Performing is the vacation. What you do to get there is the work. In my opinion, if you’re doing the real work, you’re an Actor.

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Haha, wait until you get to q or x! You are right, actors do invoke certain stigma. I think of Joey Tribbiani (Friends) and Penny (Big Bang Theory). I have never met an actor in person.



I've only seen you in the videos you've shared, but I'm impressed, and definitely say you've earned the title! Good start to the challenge. Anxious to see what else you come up with.

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